Small Town Start-Up becomes Green Industry Game Changer

In 2007 when start-ups were rapidly populating Silicon Valley, Lamboo Inc. settled comfortably into business in Springfield, Illinois. Luke Schuette, CEO and Founder of Lamboo, Inc. made the decision to use the power of the Springfield and Illinois community to fuel his business. A decision that some entrepreneurs might stray away from has worked quite nicely in Schuette’s favor.

Fast-forward 5 years and Lamboo, Inc. now has headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, over 25 global partnerships and has become an international industry leader in sustainable bamboo technology. The need for people and businesses to become as ecological as possible is more prominent than ever and at the heart of this exponential increase in the need for “green,” comes Lamboo, Inc.

Lamboo stands for laminated bamboo. Lamboo, Inc. is a technology company that specializes in the manufacturing of engineered bamboo for structural, architectural and industrial applications worldwide.

Lamboo’s manufacturing process uses 15% less embodies energy than that of engineered wood and 300% less embodies energy than aluminum and steel. Lamboo has isolated 4 our of the 1600 species of bamboo to be used for all of its architectural and structural applications. Lamboo is produced from only mature plants, anywhere from their 6th to 8th year of life to allow for optimal hardness and strength. The growth rate and potential offered by bamboo makes it ideal for the construction industry.

“Lamboo materials give any project a higher-level of sustainability and an all over efficiency and innovation that is unmatched by an other product on the market,” said Founder and CEO, Luke Schuette. Galesburg, Illinois, Mayor Sal Garza added, “Lamboo is making great progress and our Economic Development staff stand ready to help when needed. Lamboo has a great product and a solid business plan and we look forward to a long-term relationship with this growing company.”

Major retail companies like Pier 1 Imports have already chosen Lamboo in a mission to build high quality, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing facilities. Peter Illig, Director of Operations for Lamboo, Inc. in Geneva, Switzerland said, “Our values drive us to work in partnership to achieve genuine sustainable development that will leave the world a better place for generations. The very nature of our products suggests our values to be a force for positive chance, and we are committed to long-term environmental, social and economic benefits for all of our local communities.”

By developing and supplying the most efficient, renewable resources available for structural and architectural applications, Lamboo envisions a world where engineered structural bamboo is easily integrated into existing architecture and design. Lamboo is excited to play a part in this big picture of ecological change and is looking forward to collaborating with other major companies that have made the initiative to establish strong and environmentally friendly systems.