Bamboo Houses for Refugee Orphans

A couple of days ago we posted an article about a company named Lamboo, Inc that is revolutionizing the ‘Green Industry.’ Lamboo is a technology company that specializes in the manufacturing of engineered bamboo for structural, architectural and industrial applications worldwide.

Along with Lamboo, the bamboo trend is certainly catching on. On the Thai Burmese border, bamboo houses were developed to house Karen refugee orphans. “The purpose of the project was to allow 24 orphans within the village of Noh Bo a more normal life, with a home to call their own. These modest homes were constructed utilizing locally sources bamboo, the roof was built with a design that promotes a natural ventilation, and allows surplus water to be collected when it rains. This project is sustainable right down to the tire constructed foundations, and to ensure there would be no problems with moisture or decay, all of the huts are elevated above ground level.”

Source: Intralld