Is Extreme Weather caused by Global Warming?

With extreme weather taking place all over the world, its hard not to wonder if this has anything to due with global warming. According to an article in the NYTimes, A new study found that global warming made the severe heat wave that afflicted Texas last year 20 times as likely as it would have been in the 1960’s. The extreme warm temperatures in Britain last November were 62 times as likely because of global warming, it said.

The findings, especially the specific number attached to some extreme events, represent an increased effort by scientists to respond to a public clamor for information about what is happening to the earth’s climate. Studies seeking to discern any human influence on weather extremes have usually taken years, but in this case, researchers around the world managed to study six events from 2011 and publish the results in six months.

Some of the researchers acknowledged that given the haste of the work, the conclusions must be regarded as tentative.

Source: The New York Times