The Lamboo Solar Studio Home Built from Bamboo

The Lamboo Studio Project is a small solar powered studio that uses a radical S-shaped roof system to help keep the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter – all made possible by bamboo grass. The unique standing seam metal roof also has built-in solar electric panels. The home’s appealing design is aesthetically pleasing as well as practical – it saves energy and provides generous daylight.

The Lamboo Company specializes in structural bamboo and wanted to create a home design to show off their line of products. They outfitted the 300 sq. foot studio with a small bathroom including a composting toilet, a whole lot of windows and a wrap around deck. The main room is a generously proportioned space that features high glazing to allow light to penetrate deeply into the space while still remaining adequately shaded in the summer.

The building is to be made from renewable resources like a cork floor, bamboo I-joists, bamboo curved beams and wall paneling. A fast growing grass that has over 1600 species, bamboo has been used in the west mainly for floors and things like cutting boards.

Studio designed by: Luke Schuette

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