Jenga-like PixelTable

I love furniture that can be used in more than one way, so naturally when I saw this jenga-like side table I was sold. With shelf space, a cupboard and a table all rolled into one, this bamboo PixelTable is a great eco-friendly option for any home or apartment.

The 45 x 45 x 45 cm cube is composed of bamboo slats that you can push or pull to suit your needs.

Created by Dutch firm Studio Intussen, PixelTable is a simple, elegant design with the strength and natural beauty of bamboo. According to Inhabitat, PixelTable has long blocks reminiscent of the balancing game Jenga and can be pushed-in to transform the table into just about any shape.  Great for small-scale living, this piece of furniture can be adjusted for nooks and crannies, and manipulated to serve specific functions (like creating shelves or storage spaces.) Since it’s made from one of the heartiest and fastest-growing plants around, the bamboo PixelTable is as green as it is as sturdy.