Adidas Introduces T-Shirts Made Without Water

A typical t-shirt takes 25 liters of water to dye, but adidas has introduced ‘DryDye’; a new process that uses no water, 50% less energy, and 50% fewer chemicals.

Adidas has teamed up with the Yeh Group to use the revolutionary DryDye technology to put color into its t-shirts without using any water. It normally takes 25 liters of water to dye one t-shirt but this innovative technique users a pressurizes form of carbon dioxide instead. DryDye also uses 50% less energy and 50% fewer chemicals.

This summer, adidas is making 50,000 DryDye t-shirts with fabric from the Yeh Group, saving 1,250,000 liters of water! In the future, the company plans to make more products with DryDye.


Article from Emma Hutchings and PSFK