Eating Ice Cream and Saving the Planet

It’s really a win-win situation when you can eat ice cream and justify your indulgence by ordering from a solar-powered ice cream cart. You are satisfying your sweet tooth AND promoting environmental awareness all in one bite. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

According to Inhabitat, Dutch design company Springtime has produced an awesome solar-powered ice cream cart that keeps frozen treats chilled in the summertime without generating any CFCs or emissions. The device uses the sun’s energy to charge batteries in order to keep its refrigeration unit running.

Springtime developed a pair of solar-powered ice cream carts as part of a joint venture between IJS & Zophie and Odenwald Organics. The Dutch design and creative force aims to produce “exciting and paradigm-shifting products, experiences and brands in the areas of mobility, sports, interior, public design and brand development.”

The ice cream carts were designed to have a solar panel attached to the roof, which charges the batteries in order to keep the ice nice and cold on a hot summer day. The design team hope that the innovative vending cart will result in a energy-neutral solution for ice cream vendors all around the world.

The first two prototypes of the energy-neutral ice cream cart have already been honored with two prestigious awards: the Syntens Innovation of the Week (2008) and the P + ice fun prize (2009).

Article from Inhabitat