Obama Admin Fast-Tracks 7 Solar/Wind Projects as part of “We Can’t Wait” Renewable Energy Strategy

Amid raising concerns over depleting energy resources the Obama Administration is putting seven solar and wind energy projects on the “fast-track” to be reviewed quickly for federal permitting as part of President Obama’s “We Can’t Wait” strategy for catalyzing further growth in US renewable energy.

Located in four western states the projects have been deemed by the Obama Administration as “nationally and regionally significant” these plans are on an expedited review process to reduce time in gaining permits.  If approved the seven solar and wind projects would add another 5 GW (max rated) of clean renewable energy resources to the national supply.

The office of Management and Budget has been put in charge of this “fast-track” plan to greater energy independence: a major key in Obama’s “We can’t Wait” renewable energy strategy.  This strategy is to oversee a government wide effort to improve the efficiency of reviewing and issuing permits for projects of this type, saving time and cost.

Article from Green Building Elements
Dustin Dennison