Bamboo to be used in maritime industry

In earlier posts we reported about how bamboo was starting to be used in many different industries as a renewable eco-friendly alternative to slow growing timber.  Bamboo is being used across the world to make products and even build structures.

It would appear that this building material has also made its way into the maritime industry.

Sigmund Yacht Design, a premier firm within the industry, has released plans to build an all bamboo tender (a tender is a small vessel to ferry passengers from shore or to other ships) as a statement of their commitment to the use of sustainable and recycled materials.

The material Sigmund will be using comes from a U.S. based company, Lamboo, who specializes in engineered bamboo panels and components referred to as laminated veneer bamboo (LVB). Lamboo specializes in structural applications but seems to be making a move to utilize their material in other industries like the maritime.

There is no public timeline as to when we will start seeing bamboo ships or yachts but this would mean a great step forward in the industry moving towards a more sustainable outlook as timber forests decrease in the coming years.

To learn more about Sigmund Yacht Design, visit their website here.

For additional information about Lamboo, their website can be found here.

Source PRWeb.