Musical Festival Powered by Solar Panels

2013 Bonnaroo Music Festival Will be
Powered by 196 New Solar Panels

bonnaroo-logo-solar panels

When you pay for a music festival ticket, there are some fees that are simply annoying. (Twenty bucks for a processing fee? Are the tickets being hand-delivered by the Pony Express?!) But for this year’s upcoming Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee there is a ticket add-on we don’t mind shelling out for; thanks to an extra $1 tacked onto the price of individual admission, the Festival has installed a 50 kW solar voltaic system to power the 2013 celebration.


In previous years, ticket revenue for Bonnaroo has gone towards funding composting programs, a garden, and last year’s mobile “tower of power”. This year, the Festival goes solar with a brand-new PV grid. Managed by Encore Redevelopment from Vermont and installed by Knoxville, Tennessee-based firm Sustainable Future, the 196 SolarWorld panels are ready to power the next installment of Bonnaroo. Mounted on the roof of a metal structure on the ground’s backstage area, the array will generate more than 61,000 kW per year, or about 20 percent of the Festival’s energy needs.

While the system will be hidden from visitors, they are welcome to check out an educational display at Planet Roo or head over to to monitor how much electricity is being produced

Source: Inhabitat