Levi’s Jeans are Made of Garbage

recycled-levis-wasteless-jeansLevi’s Jeans have designed their new line from utilizing garbage. That’s right, garbage. More specifically, they are using PET plastic bottles and food trays that aren’t being recycled, instead filing up landfills each year.

Global bottled water consumption is over 29 liters per person, per year. Unfortunately, many of these bottles are not recycled. Garbage is piling up. These “disposable” bottles are not going to disappear. That is just one reason why we were inspired to develop a new innovative use for post consumer waste, like using recycled PET plastic bottles to create Levi’s® Waste<Less(TM) jeans collection.


8 Bottles. 1 Jean.

Municipal recycling programs use new technology to recover PET plastic bottles and food trays across the U.S. They are cleaned, sorted, crushed and made into a polyester fiber, which is then blended with cotton and woven into the denim of Waste<Less™ jeans and Trucker jackets.

The Collection

Recycled brown, green, blue and clear plastic bottles, as well as black food trays, have become a new resource efficient material that also provides a unique color and finish. The lightweight, non- stretch White Oak Cone denim, found in their 2013 collection is also remarkably soft and flexible.

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Source: Levi’s®