Zero Carbon Building Wins Hong Kong’s Inaugural Engineering Innovation Award








Hong Kong’s Zero Carbon Building (ZCB) has won the inaugural “Champion of the Innovation Award for the Engineering Industry” from the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE).

The ZCB employed a swath of integrated innovations to best meet the unique conditions of Hong Kong’ sub-tropical location and frenetic urban setting, incorporating a total of over 80 sustainability features to heighten its efficiency and diminish its environmental impact.

The roof of the three-storey building is almost completely covered in photovoltaic panels to take advantage of Hong Kong’s torrid climate for power generation purposes. In addition to solar power, the ZCB is also capable of producing energy using biodiesel derived from waste cooking oil, which is widely used in the city’s thriving culinary culture.

The ZCB has broken major ground in the application of sustainability measures within Hong Kong’s building sector. It is the first building in the former colony to feature grid feed-in and the first to use the biodiesel tri-generation system to convert waste cooking oil into usable energy.

ZCB Hong Kong

The building’s developers hope the surplus energy generated by the facility’s renewable energy installations will be capable of swiftly offsetting the carbon emissions created during its construction.

Work on the project was completed in the middle of last year and official operation commenced in September when the ZCB became home to offices for the Hong Kong Construction Industry Council, an advisory body that led the project in collaboration with local government.

International engineering and design firm Arup, which played an instrumental role in the project’s development, used the ZCB as a testing ground for a broad range of green building innovations that are specifically tailored to a high-density urban environment.

The firm hopes the project will serve as the starting point for further dialogue with respect to sustainable building measures, as well as serve to foster greater innovation.

In addition to winning HKIE’s inaugural innovation award, ZCB will also be one of the showcase exhibition pieces during Hong Kong’s Engineering Week 2013, an event which aims to encourage public interest in the engineering profession.

Source: Design Build Source